Scotland GYB trip 2016

With help and advice from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, I spent my Summer holiday searching for the UK’s rarest bumblebee: Bombus distinguendus, the Great Yellow Bumblebee (GYB). I thought it would make sense to put these posts together on a separate page so that I, or any interested readers could find them again easily. The following is a personal record of my trip to Scotland (3rd-19th July 2016).

The Beginning of the Quest. – An introduction to my mission! Making contacts at Bumblebee Conservation Trust and planning my trip.

The Continuation of the Quest… Meeting the SnowForgers & Reaching the Summit. – Setting off from Nottingham and arriving in Fort William. I met some really amazing people and I climbed Ben Nevis!

The Continuation of the Quest… Recounting Memories, Family Connections & Perfect Polly. – From Fort William I headed North to Ullapool and met up with my family. Another mountain climbed, some lovely walks and memories.

The Actual Beginning of the Quest… A Heathland Hike & Searching at Sandwood. – Here is where it gets exciting (although you should read the other posts first anyway!). Leaving Ullapool and heading on the North Coast 500 towards GYB territory.

More to come!