#30DaysWild – Day 1


Day 1: Birds in the garden
Today was quite a busy day. I had work in the morning and then in the afternoon I went to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s offices to pick up some equipment for Saturday’s Watch session (stay tuned!). It was great to have a quick coffee & catch up with my volunteer manager Lynn; unfortunately I haven’t been able to get out to as many school sessions as I would like to recently so I really did appreciate the chance to see her! After that it was off to the garage to have my poor little car seen to.

When I finally got home I really needed to chill so I decided to make some little paper birds using a kit that my best friend got me for Christmas 🙂 My housemate has recently been telling me some stories about when he used to ring birds a few years ago. It sounds really interesting and I so wish I could get to the AFON weekend in West Sussex next month where they’re doing a ringing demo, among many other activities. Anyway, one of his stories featured a little bullfinch so I made that one for him, and the nuthatch for myself (I saw my first one in Germany last Autumn). I took them out for some air and a little shoot in our garden…

In real life, we haven’t got as many birds in our garden as I’d like. There are lots of cats around the area and our feeders haven’t been particularly successful but I’ve seen a couple of blue tits and great tits on the coconut shell fat ball. The blackbirds enjoyed picking out the worms and grubs after I raked and re-seeded the lawn a few weeks ago. We had a female blackcap in the garden a couple months ago which was very exciting, but I haven’t seen her since. The feeders will stay topped up though and I’ll keep an eye out for anything new 🙂

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2 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – Day 1

  1. Only just recently have the Blackbirds started to feed in my garden but there was a scattering of feathers the other day so I reckon “Sylvester” the feral cat got one. felt very sad 😦 . Then Tino found a lizard and chewed it , it was in a bad way so I had to despatch it. Again it saddened me and I felt a mixture of guilt for doing so and also that I had done the right thing, quite emotive for me . Cats and dogs can be a problem .


  2. Nice start to 30 days wild! Are the bird feeders close to some shelter? Maybe that is why you don’t have many birds visiting. I read they like some cover to escape to if they see danger.


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