30 Days Wild – Day Thirty


Tuesday 30th June:

So it’s the last day of the 30 Days Wild campaign! I was thinking I should plan something really outdoorsy and special to celebrate being wild but then I realised that I hadn’t written about a favourite place that Marcus & I go to reconnect with nature and eachother – Nottingham Canal.

Often when I’m having a sad day, if we’ve had a little tiff or just want some fresh air, one of us will suggest a walk outdoors and invariably we end up down at the canal. This evening we took a slow walk down that way, stopping off at the pet shop to buy some bird food for the wildfowl.

Marcus watching the coots on Nottingham Canal.

The river is home to coots, moorhens, mallards, canada geese and mute swans. There are still a few hatchlings about but most of this years broods are juveniles now. I rescued an adult moorhen from this stretch of the canal last year – it had somehow become waterlogged and was partially submerged bobbing along just under the surface of the water and lifting it’s head every few seconds to take a breath. The unfortunate creature passed by a coots nest and was subsequently attacked by the adult birds too so I shouted to a narrowboatman to net it out of the water. He thought it was dead but I went round to collect it and assured him it wasn’t. The vets didn’t want to know so I took it home, dried it out with a hairdryer and gave it a few hours to recover. It fluffed and perked right up and flew away that evening 🙂

Feeding a juvenile coot from my hand with a small piece of bread (OK in moderation as part of a balanced diet) while the adult watches.

We spotted a grey heron on the opposite bank and spent a good twenty minutes watching it hunt. In that time it made three attempts and came up with a fish on two of those – “two out of three ain’t bad” (to quote Meatloaf) but Marcus and I were amazed by the patience and concetration in this bird!

A grey heron hunting on Nottingham Canal.

We arrived at the Castle Marina and took in the sunset for a few moments before turning to the road and heading back home.

I love the marina – so many different colours and shapes of boats, not forgetting the entertaining names.

A lovely end to this wild month but tomorrow is the beginning of another…

All images subject to copywrite. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the view of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for whom I volunteer, or any other organisation.


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