30 Days Wild – Day Twenty-Eight


Sunday 28th June:

Today was a quiet day. I have been feeling a bit delicate (probably from last night’s pub antics but I prefer to blame it on Marcus’ Elderflower Cordial which had been left out of the fridge and tasted a bit funny). I spent most of the day being lazy – well deserved I think after working 12 days in a row the last two weeks.

Last night before I went to the pub I noticed that my caterpillars had crawled up to the top of their enclosure and were hanging there, preparing for the first stages of pupation. This morning I was thrilled to find bright green chrysalises in their place!

Peacock butterfly larvae, Aglais io, preparing for pupation.
Peacock chrysalises!

It’s all very exciting. I took out the old nettles and mess they had made in the pop-up tent, making sure that I didn’t throw away any other caterpillars or chrysalises. I found one more peacock chrysalis hanging from a leaf further down, and one small tortoiseshell pupa on the floor of the tent.. Out of 6 caterpillars, I had 4 chrysalis. I’ve no idea what happened to the other two. Maybe they escaped or maybe they were eaten by the others (although most caterpillars are herbivores).

I’m going to Scotland in a few days but my friend will be taking care of my pets while I’m away so I’ll have to ask him to keep an eye on the chrysalises too and free the butterflies as they emerge. Hopefully they will wait until I return though!

All images subject to copywrite. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the view of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for whom I volunteer, or any other organisation.

3 thoughts on “30 Days Wild – Day Twenty-Eight

  1. Finally caught up with you . All very interesting – hoping you will not stop at 30, proud of you and I am learning stuff as well.


    1. Thank you Dad! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading about all the things I get up to. I won’t be stopping at 30 but it will be less regular I should think. Next time I’m in your country I’ll have to write a post about Spanish wildlife! 🙂


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