30 Days Wild – Day Twenty-Five


Thursday 25th June: 

On the way to meet Marcus this evening after work I stopped by to check on the caterpillars that I found a few days ago. They’ve started spreading out a lot more among the nettles and are getting really big and fat munching away on the leaves. I didn’t seen any signs of chrysalises but I’m sure they will be ready soon!

The peacock caterpillars have grown massively since I first spotted them a few days ago!

It’s been really hot and sunny today. Marcus met me from work and we went to a pub to have a cold drink in the garden and play skittles. We sat in the sun until it got too hot then retreated to the shade. I bought a pack of fresh cherries from the supermarket and Marcus and I had a cherry pip spitting competition to see who could spit the pip the furthest. He doesn’t like cherries so I had to eat all of them first then give him half the pips. It was pretty childish but fun and who knows… maybe we planted some little cherry trees in the process! 😉

Skittles at The Plough Inn, St Peter’s Street. It was really hot and I was pretty bad at the game so we gave up after a short while and sat in the shaded under the trees.

Outdoor games are the best! Try to make your own version of skittles out of natural materials, or play cricket with a pine cone and a big stick. Even simply drawing a hopscotch grid on the pavement outside your house with a piece of chalk is a great way to have fun outside and participate in #30DaysWild 🙂

All images subject to copywrite. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the view of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for whom I volunteer, or any other organisation.


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