30 Days Wild – Day Twenty-One

Sunday 21st June:

After my cover shift tonight Harriet and I went to sit on the downs and have a bit of a wild wind down after work. On the way we spotted these strange galls on a hazel tree which I believe are home to a witch-hazel cone gall aphid. They looked quite unusual – bright red witches hats poking up from the leaves. Unfortunately the fading light meant my photographs came out a bit funny.


We sat on this bench (created by a local artist from an old dead beech tree) for a bit and looked out over the downs. It’s a really special part of the campus, an open expanse with meadow-like areas and wildflowers. In the autumn I’ve seen some really cool funghi popping up including Fly Agaric. I spotted a Jay here once too – another lovely corvid!


All images subject to copywrite. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the view of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for whom I volunteer, or any other organisation.

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