30 Days Wild – Day Nineteen


Friday 19th June: 

Further to day nine of this challenge, when my neighbour and I re-potted some of my courgette plants; the garden is starting to look very bright and alive 🙂 I’ve had quite a few courgette flowers but now the vegetables are beginning to show too. My blackcurrants, although few and far between, are ripening up nicely and today I scoffed a couple off the bush. I’ve got a very lonely pea pod growing – I’m not sure if there will be many more coming as the plant is still struggling to climb but it’s all still in the experimentation phase – what I can grow in containers and what I can’t.

A little courgette starting to grow. I’m trying two varieties – ‘All Green Bush’ and ‘Black Beauty’ to see which one grows best for me and which tastes nicest!
My blackcurrant bush is looking a bit sad but the few fruits it has are starting to ripen. I’m a bit worried as some of the leaves are showing signs of powdery mildew and no matter how much I cut them back it stills seems to be spreading. Not sure what to do about this now.
My single pea pod is getting bigger everyday. There are a few more flowers so hopefully I will get a pair at least! I think next year I’ll try peas in a bigger and different shaped pot. It’s all a learning curve 🙂

My borage is flowering, so is my mini buddleia and there are a plethora of bees and flying things which is lovely to see. If I wasn’t growing things in the courtyard then the bees wouldn’t be there. I love being able to contribute my little bit to their lives.

You can see why borage is also known as ‘starflower’ – such an interesting shape!

Walter is still doing well, I spent the evening on my sofa with him. I’ve seen some magpies in my courtyard eating the bird seed I put out and I can’t help thinking that if they had the choice they would like my little Walt for dinner aswell!

All images subject to copywrite. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the view of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for whom I volunteer, or any other organisation.


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