30 Days Wild – Day Seventeen


Wednesday 17th June:

Yesterday was such a busy day. Today I woke up early to feed Walter. I was surprised and relieved to find him still alive because I know that even when things seem to be going well they can turn for the worse quickly. I’m feeding him a warm mush of porridge & barley oats, soy mince, sunflower based non-dairy ‘butter’, soy milk and water. He’s definitely a hungry little chick. He’s started squeeking aswell which is a promising sign and when I put him on the sofa he pushes himself along by kicking his little legs out. One of his feet seems a lot weaker than the other, and I am slightly concerned about him developing ‘splay legs’ but at the moment I am just trying to take it day by day. The bloating in his stomach seems to have gone down and he’s also been doing a few poos which I am very pleased about because it shows that he is digesting his food properly. We shall see how things go!


I spent the morning fussing over him and had work in the afternoon. It seemed that as soon as I walked in I was mobbed with questions about Walter… I’m quite feeling the pressure to hand-rear him successfully. I explained to my colleagues that everything seemed good for now but that it could easily turn bad and crossed my fingers that when I got home he would be OK.

Tonight was the staff summer BBQ so I stayed after work and went along for some food and wine. I spent a lot of the evening talk to Susan, one of my evening managers, about teaching techniques and also about this blog. She is a really keen cyclist and does a lot of work around Nottinghamshire in schools teaching kids to ride bikes on the road and the independence and responsibility that comes with that. Although I already knew that she did this kind of work, it was really interesting to hear about it in more detail and to compare notes on teaching and listening methods with different ages of children. I suppose that our work is quite similar in some ways, and in any case we have a similar philosophy on teaching so it was a really great chance to talk about it. While we were talking I found a dead tree bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum) in my pocket that I had picked up the previous day (already dead) and forgotten about, so that was quite a talking point as well and I was glad to find out that I’m not the only one with random things like that in their pockets. Being an insect enthusiast rather than a bird-watcher like some of my peers, I’m always looking at the ground and I often pick up things like this without thinking to show someone later on. Next time you see a dead bee or insect on the floor… why not take a closer look?

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