30 Days Wild – Day Three


Wednesday 3rd June:

I had a very lazy morning; sleeping in late and then spending an hour or two on the sofa watching rubbish TV.  Today I’m heading down to Suffolk to spend a couple of days with my mum while she goes into hospital. I really enjoy travelling by train in daylight hours because you do get to see such a variety of landscapes and wildlife. The journey from Nottingham to Cambridge (via Ely) is one that I take often. I was quite looking forward to it today because I’ve previously seen loads of wildlife whizzing past including rabbits, kestrels, foxes and hares. I had this blog post all planned out thinking I was bound to spot something interesting in the countryside surrounding the railway that I could write about. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough but today I didn’t really catch anything like that. Frustrated and tired I finally got on a bus after a 2 hour wait in Cambridge, and started fretting about what I could write about in today’s blog post.

My mum picked me up from our closest town: Haverhill, and I arrived home about 9pm to a yummy chinese takeaway. Together we watched the end of the Springwatch episode that she had recorded and I was beginning to think I would have a ‘wild’-less day until she said…

“Time to feed the hedgehogs – they’ll be waiting!”

Of course! I’d almost forgotten my mum’s favourite nightly visitors.

Mealworms are a great protein rich snack for hedgehogs and help them to build up strength and weight for hibernation.

Mum filled two small bowls with juicy live mealworms and set them outside the front door. Within half an hour, Mr & Mrs Hedgehog were stuffing themselves with the protein rich meal. My mum has a really healthy breeding population of hedgehogs in her garden.

Mr & Mrs Hedgehog grunt to eachother to communicate the presence of food.

When it gets to hibernation time, any youngsters that weigh in at under 140g are taken to a lady in the next village who cares for them through winter and then gives them back the following spring. If you find any underweight hedgehogs that you don’t think can survive hibernation, please do take them to your local hedgehog refuge or sanctuary! In the last 50 years hedgehog numbers in the UK have declined at the same rate as tiger numbers globally but these beautiful little mammals, a gardeners best friend, are often overlooked.

The population of hedgehogs in the UK is declining at the same rate as tigers are globally. We can’t let this wonderful little creature become extinct in England!

I kept popping out to spy on them throughout the rest of the evening and managed to get a few sneaky photos. When I went to bed I could still hear them stomping around on the gravel driveway outside my window. They don’t half make a racket! Still, so honoured to have got this close to them this evening 🙂

All images subject to copywrite. All opinions expressed on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the view of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust for whom I volunteer, or any other organisation.

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